Copycat Choco Maca Smoothie

Have you ever had maca powder? Or heard of it? Maca is a root that dates back thousands of years and can be found in several forms – powder, pill, extract, etc. It is also classified as an “adaptogen.” This trendy term means that the food or ingredient may help fight the effects of stress, or rather builds your bodies resistance to stress by helping stabilize your stress hormones. Each adaptogen has specific properties. The properties that maca is typically known for is reducing stress and providing energy and vitality!

Evidence on adaptogens is currently limited, so please use caution when introducing an adaptogen into your diet and consult your doctor or dietitian first!

Check out 4 Facts to Know about Peruvian Maca Powder to learn more!

SO, how do you use this earthy tasting powder? Try stirring some into your oatmeal, sprinkling on toast with nut butter, or blending into a smoothie! One of my favorite smoothies from a local Seattle vegan cafe (Chaco Canyon Cafe) is called Choco Maca. This one’s for you, my chocolate lovers!

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Choco Maca Smoothie
  1. Combine hemp seeds, water, and vanilla extract in blender. Blend for 1-2 minutes or until well combined.
  2. Add frozen banana, cacao powder, maca powder, maple syrup, and sea salt. Blend to combine.
  3. Add ice and blend to thicken.
Recipe Notes

NUTRITION PER SMOOTHIE (1/2 RECIPE): 150 calories, 5g total fat, 0.5g saturated fat, 0mg cholesterol, 153mg sodium, 22.5g carbohydrate, 3.5g fiber, 13g sugar, 5g protein, 312mg potassium, 163mg phosphorus

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