Scottish Oat Scones and a Pause

My Friday morning ritual involves a bitter cappuccino paired with a sweet and flaky Scottish oat scone. In my current work situation I do a lot of grocery shopping at my local food coop (PCC Natural Markets), so I like to treat myself on Friday mornings after my shopping. […]

Jamie Oliver’s Granola Dust

Granola dust?! That was my first reaction when spotting the YouTube video on Facebook. I am a big Jamie Oliver fan and granola dust sounded so…magical? I had to watch the video. That night I threw together some granola dust and I have to say, […]

Breakfast For Dinner: Waffle Edition

While doing my weekly meal planning on Sunday, I asked my boyfriend if he had any ideas. I’ve pretty much been living out of my America’s Test Kitchen vegetarian cookbook lately, so I decided to branch out for a night. And what does he suggest? Waffles! I […]

Quick Cinnamon Buns with Buttermilk Icing

Lazy Sunday mornings call for homemade pastries, leisurely cappuccino sipping, and casual perusing of The Seattle Times (okay, well mostly just the comics). This recipe is a little more involved than your typical weekday oatmeal or eggs, but the result is definitely worth it! So […]

Blueberry Walnut Lavender Scones

Scones. One of my favorite breakfast foods. They’re easy to mix up and throw in the oven as a delicious way to start off your day, as well as fill your home with a heavenly aroma. These particular scones have a little twist from your basic white […]