Elimination Diet Day 11

Eating out on a low FODMAP diet is tricky! I went out for a pre-Mother’s Day dinner with my family for sushi. Sushi is apparently one of the easier menus to navigate on a low FODMAP diet, so I think I was lucky. I’m not 100% sure about everything in my meal for the night, but I didn’t have any negative symptoms - I’d say it was a success!

I did also try a sorbet (we went out for ice-cream after dinner) from a local artisan ice-cream shop. They only had one flavor that was both dairy and wheat-free. Why not give it a try?! That flavor was rhubarb cardamom sorbet and I topped it with a swirl of coconut whip. I could only manage a few bites before I’d had enough…I was craving a creamy, sweet dairy scoop at this point. Although…the coconut whip did not disappoint! Does anyone have any yummy low FODMAP ice-cream or sorbet favorites? I’ve done a little searching, but many of the vegan ice-creams like Coconut Dream and So Delicious contain high FODMAP ingredients (agave, inulin, etc.).

On another note, I’ve found some great RD (Registered Dietitian) approved low FODMAP recipe sources! These Pinterest boards are a great place to start. Check them out here and here!

Meals and snacks for the day:

  • Breakfast
    • Breakfast Blueberry-Oatmeal Cakes (again!)
    • hard-boiled egg with S+P
    • cappuccino made with lactose-free milk and 1 shot espresso
  • Lunch
    • salad with arugula, leftover green beans and roasted sweet potato, chicken, and lemon vinaigrette
    • toast made with Udi’s GF white bread spread with Earth Balance
    • another cappuccino 😛
  • Snack
    • strawberries
    • Nut-Thins with a few slices of aged cheddar cheese
  • Dinner
    • miso soup
    • California rolls
    • rhubarb cardamom sorbet topped with coconut whip (it was interesting to say the least…)
  • Snack
    • 1 blueberry-oatmeal cake (I’m OBSESSED)
    • 1/2 banana