Elimination Diet Day 7

Week 1 complete! Stress-relief is a large part of managing IBS symptoms and exercise is a huge stress reliever for me! This little guy motivates me to get out, get moving, and get some fresh air. 🙂 How do you manage your stress??

I mentioned in a previous post that oats should be certified gluten-free. While doing some reading in my Patsy Catsos book I realized that I have been a little too strict with my certified gluten-free quest. Since gluten is not a carbohydrate (it’s a protein!), it is not the culprit to any GI discomfort. Although gluten accompanies grains that contain FODMAPs, according to Patsy Catsos, you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination when it comes to fructans! As long as you are not gluten-intolerant or do not have celiac disease, regular oats should be just fine! This is nice because certified gluten-free oats are more expensive. I am partial to Bob’s Red Mill’s Scottish Oatmeal (there is a GF version for those who need it).

A little short on photos today! Apparently I was feeling less “snack-y”

Meals and snacks for the day:

  • Breakfast
    • oatmeal topped with sliced almonds and strawberries/blueberries/raspberries (all smaller portion sizes to fit within the fruit serving per meal)
    • cappuccino made with lactose-free milk and 1 shot espresso
  • Lunch
    • breakfast tacos
      • corn tortillas
      • scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, spinach, tomato, and S+P
      • hot sauce
    • leftover roasted carrots
  • Dinner
    • Kate Scarlata’s Simple Greek Quinoa
    • Alder smoked salmon (yum!!!)
    • strawberries
    • 2 GF ginger snaps (this was before I realized molasses was a no-go)
    • 4 oz red wine (to round off my Mediterranean inspired meal!)
  • Snack
    • 2 rice cakes
      • 1 topped with PB&J and pepitas
      • 1 topped with PB and banana