Elimination Diet Day 5

On to day number 5! Today I would like to talk about eating out. This was my first time trying to eat out on the low FODMAP diet. This is very tricky!! Salads are typically a safe bet because you can easily customize them and the components are usually whole foods (no label reading!) with the exception of the dressing (often either dairy based or contains garlic/onion). I ventured out to a local market (one of my fave’s) this week and tested the waters. After perusing the hot bar I landed on some roasted carrots. Not my idea of a dinner! To supplement my carrots I ordered a Greek salad - no onions, no dressing, and added shrimp for protein. I ended up whipping up Patsy Catsos lemon vinaigrette to use on my salad, which was quite tasty!

Enjoying my smoothie with my guy 😉

Upon further reading about eating out, and to my pleasure, I found that sushi is one of the easier cuisines to navigate while eating out on the low FODMAP diet. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and my mom actually requested sushi for dinner! Perfect. Here’s my chance to practice! Here are two articles that I found useful as a brief overview with tips for eating out: A Little Bit Yummy and Patsy Catsos.

Meals and snacks for the day:

  • Breakfast
    • oatmeal (made the night before to save time in the morning) topped with blueberries, toasted walnuts, and a dash (or two…) of cinnamon
  • Lunch
    • leftover Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Tostadas
      • topped with a sprinkle of lime juice and 1/8 avocado
    • carrot sticks (so crunchy, sweet, and satisfying!)
    • cappuccino made with lactose-free milk and 1 shot espresso
    • 1 GF chocolate chip PB cookie
  • Snack
    • rice cake topped with PB&J and pepitas (when I find something I like, I tend to eat it every day until I’m sick of it!)
    • 1 strawberry
  • Dinner
    • Greek salad from my local Metropolitan Market (this market is a treat! specialty grocery items and yummy food to go)
      • romaine lettuce, tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta cheese, cucumber, red and green bell pepper, and shrimp
      • I made my own lemon and olive oil dressing to use (recipe from Patsy Catsos)
    • roasted carrots, also from the market
      • these were one of the few (if only) items from the bar that were low FODMAP
      • roasted with oil, salt, and pepper and finished with vinegar
    • 4 oz red wine
  • Snack
    • Chunky Monkey Smoothie (see! I find something good and can’t stop myself!)
      • made with lactose-free milk
  • Snack #2 (I was up late!)
    • Udi’s GF white bread toasted and topped with Earth Balance spread (not 100% sure, but I think this spread is OK)