Elimination Diet Day 1

Day 1 was a success! Meal planning and grocery shopping for the week were lifesavers and made my meals/snacks pretty mindless. A few ingredient observations…

Gluten free bread (I used Udi’s white bread) isn’t bad when toasted! I love a good toast, so I was happy to make this discovery. Also, label reading is so important! I wanted to try a different Udi’s gluten free bread, but found (potential) FODMAPs in the ingredients list. I was originally planning on using almond milk as a milk substitute. I have tried it several times and really want to like it, but my cappuccinos just don’t taste great with it! Homemade almond milk is delicious, but also time-consuming and uses a LOT of almonds. I was so happy to discover that I quite enjoy lactose-free milk (perfect for my morning cappuccinos)!

Following a low FODMAP diet can potentially lead to less fiber in the diet. FIBER is so important for everyone and the Western diet typically is low in fiber to begin with. If you do have IBS, be aware that fiber can aggravate symptoms, so increase fiber in your diet to an amount that you can comfortably tolerate. I boosted the fiber in my diet on day #1 with oatmeal, chia seeds, fruit/veggies, avocado, whole grain rice, and peanut butter!

I also did a bit more reading and discovered that the soy yogurt I purchased to try actually is a high FODMAP food 🙁 so I will be leaving that out of my meals/snacks. I did, however, purchase a lactose-free yogurt, so am excited to try that! Any other avid yogurt eaters out there? I typically eat yogurt every day! Some yogurts, like plain Greek yogurt, can be tolerated on a low FODMAP diet, so I hope I’m one of those people! For now, I’m playing it safe and will stick with the lactose-free. 🙂


Meals and snacks for the day:

  • Breakfast
    • certified gluten free steel-cut oats (I like Bob’s Red Mill) mixed with a spoonful of peanut butter, topped with chia seeds, strawberry slices, and banana slices
    • cappuccino made with lactose-free milk (I like Organic Valley) and 1 shot of espresso (1/2 and 1/2 regular and decaf) ~ I looove espresso, but am definitely sensitive to caffeine!
  • Lunch
    • 2 slices gluten free bread smeared with 1/2 avocado (did you know avocado is a good source of fiber??)
    • 1 egg, fried in olive oil and topped with a dash of salt and pepper
    • leftover green beans, sautéed in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper
  • Snack
    • square of Trader Joe’s 70% dark chocolate
    • few almonds
  • Pre-dinner munchies (not pictured - aka: I couldn’t wait until I was done making dinner)
    • handful of blue corn chips
    • small handful of grapes
  • Dinner
    • Kate Scarlata’s 10-Minute Stir Fry made with firm tofu, zucchini, and carrots served over brown rice
    • a few more grapes
  • Snack
    • 1 brown rice cake, lightly salted topped with peanut butter, banana slices, and cinnamon

Bring on day #2!